Local levels employees halt daily activities, citing discrimination in their adjustment


Kathmandu, Dec 18 . Employees at local levels have halted activities of local levels across the nation, saying they were discriminated against while adjusting as per the ‘Civil servant Adjustment Ordinance-2075’.

Chairperson of Local-Level Employees Association, Hari Kumar Shrestha, said that they have halted the daily activities of the local levels putting forth the demand of their adjustment civil servants in course of employees’ adjustment.

He said though all employees should be adjusted as per the same policy, they have been discriminated and added that they would continue their agitation until their demands were addressed.

The ordinance has the provision that civil servants would get one-rank promotion automatically in course of adjustment.

They would carry out activities after tying black band on their hand till three days from tomorrow, he said, adding that they would launch second-phase agitation if their demands were not addressed during first-phase agitation. There are around 20,000 permanent and temporary employees in local levels across the nation.