‘Increase agro products to boost economy’


Biratnagar, March 17 . Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has underscored the need of increasing agricultural products to boost country’s income. Once reality of Nepal as an agricultural country must be restored, he reminded.

Inaugurating a fruit and vegetable retail market here today, PM Oli shared the information that government was working to modernize and mechanize the agriculture by involving more number of youths to make agriculture respected.

In order to discourage the plotting of land and increase productivity, government was planning organized and systematic farming. There was no option but to augment the production, he viewed.

He suggested the people in State 1 to select the crops that give maximum harvest as cardamom, tea and betel nuts. Rich in geographical features, State 1 can boost the agricultural production by attracting youths and decrease import.

According to him, the people’s representatives and civil servants should provide guardianship to the people to take them together in the campaign of development and prosperity.

PM handed over market key to Chief Minister of State 1, Sherdhan Rai. He also honoured land donating school, Chairman of Katahari rural municipality and the market construction company.

None allowed acting illegal 
On a different note, PM Oli reiterated that government would not allow anyone to act against law. Democracy does not suit the threat and fear to people, he said, arguing that separatist move was terminated in the country.

He made it clear that the anarchic activities of the group led by Netra Bikram Chand were banned because this group was working against law and politics under the camouflage of democracy. Government has given time to submit its weapons, he added.

On the occasion, State 1 Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai informed that modernization of agriculture was begun and the State government will ensure effective regulation for the well managed market.

Similarly, Minister of State for Agriculture and Livestock, Ram Kumari Chaudhari, said government was planning to set up 31 agriculture markets and chilling centres in various parts of the country.

Ministry Secretary Dr Yuwak Dhwoj GC expressed the belief that the newly set up market would end the role of brokers by bringing together the producers and consumers.

The modern retail market set up in 4 bighs and 18 katthas of land provided by a local Janapriya Secondary School, Katahari, is believed capacious for 45,000 metric tons of vegetables and 10,000 metric tons of fruits. It was set up at the cost of Rs 154 million grants provided by the central government and the World Bank.

Farmers from Sunsari, Morang, Jhapa and Dhankuta will be benefitted much from the market. Even an administrative office and a bank is also available in the market.
The programme was organized by the federal Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development.