Urging Help and Support to Students in Australia


Kathmandu, March 28 . As a collective representation of five big umbrella organizations of education consultancies working for Nepalese student community in Nepal and Australia (ECAN, IERIN, FECON, NAAER AND AECA), they are making this “JOINT MEDIA RELEASE” requesting Australian Government, Embassy of Australia in Nepal, Australian High Commission in India.

Likewise Australian Education Providers, Australian communities, Embassy of Nepal in Australia and other associated stake holders to help and support Nepalese students in Australia at this grimmest hour of terrifying Corona Virus spread.
Needless to say, now the COVID-19 is taking its toll on us and we all across the globe are having hard time. The Government of Nepal has already locked down the entire country since 24th March 2020.

The Government of Australia both Federal and States are also in the line of imposing tough majors including total lockdown for few weeks or months if necessary. This surely is a good step towards preventing the horrifying spread and mutation of the virus as currently seen in the United States and Europe.

However, we are also very much concerned about the Nepalese students who are pursuing their studies in various education providers across Australia and also the students who have paid the tuition fees already and received the visas or waiting for the visas in Nepal but not able to travel to Australia due to this unforeseen situation.

Australia has been one of the best destinations for studies abroad among Nepalese students and Nepal is one the biggest markets for Australian education which has contributed a huge revenue to Australian economy. For Australia it is important to act fast to help the students in need because if we can save our students from this crisis, it will save our education industry for coming years.

Australian government has announced some rescue package for the local business and citizens. However, there are many international students who are in need of some sort of urgent support, waiting to hear from the government to stake holders to help them live and study in Australia in coming months. There are lots of job cuts and definitely the international students are also hit by this job crisis.