ARNA – Born In Nepal Wins at London Beer Competition


Kathmandu, April 19. London Beer Competition 2021,which took place in London on March 17, 2021,ARNA 8& ARNA Light won a Silver and Bronze medal respectively, which is the ultimate seal of approval in the Global Beer Industry. To receive this distinction, YETI Brewery Pvt. Ltd. needed to score highly in three different categories: Quality, Value and Packaging. ARNA is the first Nepali Beer Brand to win an International Beer Award.

The goal of the London Beer Competition is to award and celebrate beers that beer buyers want to buy. The competition’s judges examine the many emerging and re-discovered styles which intrigue the drinker and appeal to new and lapsed beer drinkers.

Not only does the London Beer Competition recognize quality, where brewing ability and technical expertise receive peer, buyer, writer and beer sommelier accreditation, the judges also award points and medals for both value and packaging.The judges were selected from all sides of the industry – writing, brewing, trading, beer sommeliers, marketing, and educators.

ARNA 8 scored 85 points out of 100 to achieve Silver Medal while ARNA Light scored 72 points out of 100 to achieve Bronze Medal.

This is a proud moment for the entire nation and Yeti Brewery Pvt. Ltd. are surely proud to win this award too because it shows the company is making the types of beers that drinkers actually want to enjoy.