Bird flu outbreak found in Kathmandu


Kathmandu, March 17. Bird flu has been detected in two poultry farms at Tarkeshwar Municipality in Kathmandu.

The infectious disease, medically known as H5N1 influenza virus, was detected and confirmed in the chicken being reared in the farms belonging to Shyam Sundar Basnet of Basnet Tole in Tarkeshwor-7 and Shayam Kumar Basnet, according to Chief of Department of Livestock Services Chief Dr Jaya Prakash Raya.

Raya shared that as many as 28,000 hens were being destroyed after the birds were tested positive for the infection.

Dr Raya shared that the infection that causes severe respiratory diseases in birds was also seen in ducks and hens last years and they were destroyed to prevent further infection.
This year the infection has reappeared, leaving the experts wonder how did it happen.

Raya informed that the symptoms of bird flu were also detected in hens in other poultry farms. Examination is being conducted while the hens reared in the borderlines of Kathmandu were also culled.

Furthermore, the disinfectant was being sprayed in the empty poultry forms to kill the virus. RSS