Exploiting technology to manage electronic information 


Kathmandu, June 21.  Webb Fontaine presented to Patan Hospital a consignment of medical and PPE equipment for the hospital to use in its work in combatting the COVID 19 virus. In presenting the equipment, Stan Wright, Project Manager for Webb Fontaine Group Fz. Llc Nepal said; “Webb Fontaine is a Dubai based Company working with the Government of Nepal on the World Bank funded, Nepal National Single Window project.

This project is designed to facilitate and simply the processes and procedures used to import and export goods. The outcome will be achieved through seamlessly integrating with the international trade supply chain by adopting international best practice and exploiting technology to manage electronic information and reduce paper. 

We are honored to be part of the future of Nepal, and as part of our commitment to the country we are proud to be able to contribute these oxygen concentrators and PP Equipment to assist in the Governments, and Patan Hospitals fight against the COVID 19 virus. 

Along with our colleagues from the Department of Customs, and the many other Government Departments and Ministries we are working with, we would like to thank Doctor Bishnu Sharma and Professor Doctor Paras Kumar Acharya for their support in this partnership. We would also like to recognize the efforts and commitment of the staff of Patan hospital and all of the carers through out Nepal who commit themselves to tending the sick at this time. To you all, thank you. 

As part of its commitment to Nepal, Webb Fontaine looks forward to continue contributing to the future Nepal and the well-being of its citizens.”