Huawei Cloud introduces new framework for partners


Kathmandu, May 17. Huawei, one of the world’s leading technology companies, has recently hosted an event in Kathmandu to introduce its new framework for the Huawei Cloud Partner. The event was attended by Huawei Cloud Partners in Nepal such as Prixa Technology, Genese Solutions, Cloudworld Solutions, Telenet and Adex.

The session was hosted by Mr. Jitendra Kumar Sharma, Huawei’s development partner, who presented an insightful overview of the new program. The framework provides a comprehensive range of incentives, benefits, and investment opportunities for Huawei’s partners, including resellers, distributors, service providers, and hardware partners.

The program’s main focus is to encourage and support the growth of Huawei’s partners’ businesses by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed. One of the key benefits of the program is the Capacity Development & Certification offering, which allows partners to develop their skills and expertise through free courses and certifications provided by Huawei.

Huawei’s Growcloud program is also an essential part of the framework, offering four different partner ecosystems: Standard, Advanced, Premium and Strategic. Each ecosystem offers unique incentives and benefits to partners, such as Quarterly & Annual Growth Incentives, Special Incentives for SAP workload migration to Huawei Cloud and Special Incentives for Sales of Huawei Cloud’s advanced services.

The new framework also offers five additional benefits, including the Marketing Development Fund, a special fund to promote Huawei Cloud dedicated team investment and sales competency, cash coupons to experience Huawei Cloud and an incentive program for partners’ employees to increase sales.

Huawei’s Go Cloud-Service Partner Program is another crucial aspect of the new framework, providing various benefits for building service capabilities in Huawei Cloud. The program supports service partners in building professional cloud service capabilities through services such as Cloud Resale, Consulting, Cloud Migration & Implementation, Application Re Architect/ Cloud Native Development and Managed Service.

Additionally, Huawei offers specific programs for Consulting, Software Partners, Service Partners, Hardware Partners and Training Partners. The objectives of these programs are to cultivate and identify partners’ professional capabilities, develop applications and optimize software solutions based on Huawei’s cloud, migrate existing applications to Huawei Cloud and conduct joint marketing with Huawei Cloud.

Overall, Huawei’s new framework for the Huawei Cloud Partner Program is an excellent opportunity for partners to expand their businesses and improve their skills. The company’s dedication to its partners’ success is evident through the program’s comprehensive range of incentives and benefits. Huawei’s focus on strengthening relationships with its partners through these initiatives is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, growth, and success.