IME Automotives Lunched New Renegade 300 series UM Motorcycles

Kathmandu. ‘You are Unchained, Unbound, Unstoppable. Feel the cold wind caress you as you drive to meet the horizon. You answer to no-one but the call of the open road. This is your journey…………Destiny Awaits……..’, it is the claim of IME Automotives.

The company has started Sales of UM’s New Renegade 300 series of motorcycles in Nepal. USA originated two-wheeler brand, UM, has now revealed its higher series Indian version product line-up amidst media personalities on Sunday. The event comprised unveiling of the bikes jointly by Mr. Chandra Prasad Dhakal, Executive Chairman, IME Group; Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, Director, IME Automotives; Mr. Suman Pokharel, Director, IME Automotives; Mr. Kapil Shiwakoti, CEO, IME Automotives & Mr. Pankaj Singh, representative from UM India.

According to the importer company, IME Automotives, only last year, IME Automotives, an automobile trading subsidiary of IME Group and sole authorized distributor of UM two-wheelers for Nepal, had introduced UM’s brand new range of higher “series” motorcycles.. Now, as the company has officially started the Commercial Sales of 300series UM bikes manufactured in India, Nepalese biking enthusiasts can actually mount & experience the thrill of Renegade’s ultimate Cruiser Bike with Style, Uniqueness, and good Looks.

On the occasion, Mr. Kapil Shiwakoti, Chief Executive Officer, IME Automotives, said “300series segment will offer an exciting opportunity to UM bike riders and enthusiasts to savor the world class biking experience in the country with flagship models like Renegade Commando & Renegade Sport S backed by best-in-class service facility located at Balaju Industrial Area in Kathmandu and through 3S dealer networks across the country.”  He further added “We are convinced that IME Group’s structure, its highly favored brand image in the country and territorial penetration will enable to cater to the growing opportunities of higher “series” bike market in Nepal in the best way.”

Speaking at the event, Mr. Chandra Prasad Dhakal, Executive Chairman, IME Group said, “With the official introduction of UM brand’s cruiser and sports segment Renegade 300series motorcycles in Nepal, IME Automotives aims to leverage UM’s global recognition as “Now manufactured in India” with aesthetically rich style and design offerings”. 

Cruiser Segment: Renegade Commando 300

The soft silence of the open road is only punctuated by the sound of cold wind whooshing by your face, the hum of the 4 stroke, liquid cooled engine and the crunch of gravel beneath the massive 140mm rear tire. You are a rebel set upon the path of self-discovery, to find what lies beyond the horizon and to obey no-one but the sound of your true calling..

  • Low-slung cruiser powered by higher series single cylinder liquid cooled engine mated to a six speed transmission.
  • The motorcycle comes with wide handlebars and hydraulic telescopic front suspension and spring rear suspension, which is ideal for a cruiser segment motorcycle.

Sports Segment: Renegade Sport S 300

The roar of the higher series liquid cooled engine will announce your arrival from miles away. Some will flee, but most will stand still to admire the beautiful silhouette of this Pure American Muscle as it speeds past them. This is your throne, this is your steed and with the state-of-the-art, side LED system and digital speedometer, watch proudly over the domain you rule.

  • Powered by higher series single cylinder liquid cooled engine mated to a six speed transmission.
  • Electric start with air filter with paper element innovation,
  • Six speed synchronized mesh has been added for easy cruising.
  • The front wheel has telescopic suspension while the rear wheel has dual shock absorbers.

UM is a motorcycle brand originated in America and was first registered with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office by its founders, the Villegas Family, in the early 2000’s.  UM motorcycles are designed and engineered in the United States and are currently being sold in 30 countries and 1300 plus stores across the globe.  The main USP of UM Motorcycles, the designs and colors being offered, AFS (Anti-Flat Sealant), LEDS 360(Light Emitting Diode) and USB Charging Port, UM gel seat and Intelligent Dashboard, among many features.




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