Karnali government developing ‘project bank’


Surkhet, Dec 29 .  The Karnali provincial government is working to develop a ‘project bank’. The provincial policy and planning commission is developing the required action plan for the same.

The project bank will includes matters like identification, prioritization, feasibility study etc for the big projects. A list of experts will also be part of the bank.

After the preparation for the bank is completed, the government is planning to hold an investment summit by mid-April 2019, according to provincial planning commission member Yogendra Shahi. We will make a study of all aspects and providing guidelines to the government.

Shahi also said that only projects that are deemed feasibility by a preliminary study will be included in the project bank.

Earlier, the provincial government had sent a list of 19 different projects for foreign development assistance and investment management. . And it covered projects related to roads, hydropower, cement, petroleum products etc.

The province-level investment summit is expected to open the doors for massive investment in Karnali. “With abundant possibilities for water resources, herbs and tourism, the investors will be appealed to invest in the same,” Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Prakash Jwala said.

The provincial government is also planning to invite the Prime Minister, federal ministers and heads of foreign donor agencies to the summit.