LIC Nepal Recommend 10.% Bonus Share


Kathmandu, Nov 25. The Board of Directors of Life Insurance Corporation (Nepal) Limited in its  108th Board meeting held on 25th November 2020 at 4:30 PM through video  conferencing, has resolved to recommend 10.00% bonus share and  0.526315790% cash dividend (for tax purpose) on paid up capital of Rs.  2,010.00 mj11ion .

From profits as on 16.07.2019 [The Proposed dividend comes  to be 14.153961% on paid up capital of Rs. 1,494.84 million as on Balance  Sheet date out of which 13.4462659% will be bonus Share and 0.7076982%  cash dividend (for tax Purposoe)J. The distribution of dividend is subject to  approval from Beema Samiti and upcoming 18th Annual General Meeting of  the Company.