Mewa Khola Hydro to supply power from the end of Asad

Mewa Khola Hydro power (MKHPL) with 1 KW capacity is looking forward to begin its power supply from end of Asad.

“The hydro power project, constructed with 70% Loan investment of ‘Sanima Bank’ and ‘Bank of Kathmandu’ along with 30% consumer shares, is near to its completion phase as only machines installation process is due”, project chief, Lait Kumar Rai told.

Similarly, the project will be connected with national transmission line and operated under Public Private Partnership model, which is promoted by Saplu Kalika Hydro Power Company Limited. “The electricity power will be supplied through central transmission line of Buipa “, Managing Director of the project, Arjun Rai said.

Furthermore, the project has been in construction phase under four separate companies, working under contract. Maha Shakti Hydro power has been assigned for Hydro mechanical works, and Shah Electronic has been assigned for transmission work while Pacific Builders and CHINSI have been assigned for civil construction and electro mechanical work respectively.

The project works was highly troubled by the last year’s, Asad 11th flood which swapped its server machine, Maki Jemper, Bolding equipment, cements, iron rods, etc. causing the damage worth around 40 lakh.