Nepal beat UAE by 9 runs in World Cup Qualifiers


Kathmandu. Nepal has achieved a thrilling victory in the important match played against UAE. With 5 overs remaining, Nepal decided to win on the basis of Duck Worth (DL). Along with this, Nepal will be able to play World Cup cricket next year. Nepal became victorious because they were leading by 9 runs in Duckworth (DL) system.

At the end of 44 overs, Nepal scored 269 runs before the umpire stopped the game due to poor lighting, while 267 runs were required in the DL system. Nepal has won the sixth consecutive one-day international. This is also Nepal’s record of consecutive wins in one-day internationals.

With the win of this game, Nepal will be able to play the one-day World Cup global qualifiers to be held in Zimbabwe next year. In Nepal League 2, Nepal was at the fourth place in the table with 38 points with 18 wins and 15 losses out of 35. Now it has become the third. As Namibia was in third place earlier, Nepal has secured its place in the World Cup by beating Tais.