NEPSE Index inched up by 1 point, Update till 1 p.m

Kathmandu Asad, 5

NEPSE index has reached the mark of 1633.18 point ticking up by 1 point. But, the sensitive index, which gauges performance of class ‘A’ stocks, has decreased by 0.9 point sloping down to 352.54 point.

Currently, through 101 companies’ 1,706 stock transactions, altogether 4 lakh 1 thousand 4 hundred seventy nine shares trade, NRs. 43 carore 22 lakh 84 thousand 1 hundred and seventy nine worth trading has been recorded so far.

Sub index of hotel and Hydro power have dipped by 5.72 and 1.45 point respectively whereas sub indexes of ‘Development bank group’, and ‘Manufacturing and Processing group’ has surged by 10.51 and 4.9 point respectively while Insurance group, Finance group and Banking groups’ sub indexes have inched up by 3.52, 2.02, 2 points respectively.

On preceding week’s end ,Thursday-June 17, the closing day index was 1632.94 point, which was increased by 12.47 point.