Omicron in America are also affecting flight operations


Agency, Dec 31. The increasing cases of Corona and Omicron in America are also affecting flight operations. According to the New York Times report released on Thursday night, about a thousand flights have been canceled in the country. Travelers are facing a lot of trouble in the holiday season. There is a shortage of staff with airlines companies. Companies have tried a lot, but despite this, there is a problem in staff adjustment. However, snowfall and bad weather are also a reason for cancellation of flights. 500 flights are expected to be canceled on Friday.

Due to the increasing cases of Omicron in America, the corona case is increasing continuously. According to the New York Times, on Wednesday, a record 4.88 lakh new cases of corona were registered here and 1207 people died. On Tuesday, 3.88 lakh corona infected were found here. The number of patients hospitalized in the US has increased by 11% within the past 2 weeks.

Despite all the strictness in the city of Xian, Shanxi province of China, cases are increasing. According to the country’s official newspaper, till Thursday, 1117 cases have been reported here. A total of 155 infected people were identified on Thursday. According to officials, the most worrying thing is that all the cases are of local transmission.

In other words, the infection is spreading rapidly at the local level. The population of the city is 13 million. People are complaining on China’s social media platform that they are running out of food items. On the other hand, the government claims that it is delivering food items to the homes of the people.