Predict and win amazing prizes this FIFA World Cup 2018 with Shivam Cement


Kathmandu,  June11. Shivam Cement is looking forward to the upcoming world cup season and have launched their campaign through which theirFacebook followers have the chance to win amazing prizes for predicting the correct winners of every match.

Now, along with enjoying the thrilling matches the World Cup has to offer, participants will get to enjoy the added benefits of amazing prizes for their extensive football knowledge.

To take part in this competition, participants will have to like Shivam Cement’s Official Facebook Page and click on the link in the Predict & Win post and will have to guess the right score and winner of that day’s matches.

In case of multiple participants predict the correct outcome then there will be a lucky draw through which one of them will be selected as the winner. To collect their prize, winners will have to go to Shivam Cement’s headquarters.

Shivam Cement had successfully carried out this campaign in the previous World Cup season as well and saw a lot of engagement from numerous people from across the nation. And like the previous time, Shivam Cement believes that this time too their campaign will add even more excitement and fun to this World Cup season.