Qatar Airways change time of flight


Kathmandu, August 3rd. Qatar Airways is pleased to announce new timing of daily flight on its Kathmandu- Doha – route from 2 September, to new timing departing Kathmandu at 02:10 reaching Doha at 04:45 conveniently connecting all US and majority European destination well within 3 hour.

With this first time ever timing Kathmandu is becoming more closer to the world. The passengers leaving Kathmandu early morning can easily join their dear and near ones for a late lunch in the US the same day. This initiative has been taken based on the request from Honorable minister of civil aviation Mr.Rabindra Adhikari and Director General Civil Aviation Mr Sanjeev Gautam .This is making use of the new operational timing of 21 hours and this is a blessing in disguise to the otherwise congested air traffic. Most of them are predominantly in the morning bank.

Qatar Airways at the moment has 4 daily flights connecting to more than 150 plus destinations. the existing 3 narrow body and 1 wide body operation will be enhanced by replacing 1 narrow body with wide body making it 2 narrow body and 2 wide Body effective from 15 September .

This will be a boon to Nepalese diaspora working to visit Nepal during the festive season of coming months. This excess supply to the market would help stabilizing the fare during peak season which otherwise could have been soaring high. Qatar Airways using 75% of its capacity to bring tourists and Nepali Diaspora is contributing significantly to the tourism initiative of Nepal and will be accelerating the same with enhanced capacity.

Qatar Airways Country Manager, Mr. Jayaprakash Nair , said: “We are delighted to notify our new changed flight timing and enhanced capacity it will make us more capable catering the high demand during peak season time from travelling general public, tourist, and the corporate business travelers.