Rudra Pandey, Ph.D. joins Hamro Patro


Kathmandu, Oct 27.  Hamro Patro, Inc., a Delaware, United States registered corporation, announced the nomination of Rudra Pandey, pioneer of Nepal’s software industry and one of the most successful Nepali entrepreneurs in the United States, as the chairman of the board of directors. Hamro Patro has reached the milestone of 10 million mobile app downloads, and the team is excited to welcome Rudra Pandey to its leadership ranks. Rudra Pandey will work closely with Hamro Patro founder and CEO Shankar Uprety and the senior team to strategize the next step for Hamro Patro.

“I am truly excited to welcome Rudra Dai to Hamro Patro. I am looking forward to working closely again with Rudra Dai. Rudra Dai was my mentor for more than six years in D2Hawkeye, and I respect him a lot. This is an amazing opportunity for us to have him by our side as our leader, ” said Shankar Uprety.

“Shankar is a true entrepreneur and thorough gentleman. He grew under my watch during the early years of his career. He has built an amazing company. I see his company be the first unicorn coming out of Nepal. I look forward to working with Shankar and his amazing team and making this household name even more successful and bigger,” Rudra Pandey said.

About Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro helps millions of Nepali worldwide to stay connected to Nepal and Nepali culture.  Hamro Patro started as a simple calendar tool in 2010; today, it is a household name and is one of the biggest mobile platforms in Nepal, providing access to Nepali calendars, news, radio streaming, astrology services, etc.