Shikhar Insurance holds first of its kind Interactive Claim workshop with Surveyors


Kathmandu, Oct 26. Shikhar Insurance held an Interaction Program on Claim Management at St. Xaviers Collage, Maitighar between Surveyors and Shikhar insurance Staff members. The objective of the program was to determine how the regulatory board, surveyors and insurance companies can work together so that claim settlements become fast and easy for customers. The interaction program was a first of its kind for the Nepalese Insurance Industry.

The resource persons for the event included the current president of Nepal Insurance Surveyor Association Mr. Surya Prasad Joshi along with former president of the Nepal Insurance Surveyor Association and Senior Surveyor Mr. ShivachanSaakha. Mr. Joshi, talked about the current challenges faced by Surveyors for doing their job and how other stakeholders in the insurance industry can help surveyors to facilitate faster claims. Mr. Saakha narrated his experience of being one of the oldest surveyors in Nepal and how much the situation has changed since the beginning of his career. He states that “Current awareness of customers regarding insurance has significantly helped reducing the workload of surveyors as customers are more willing to work with Surveyors rather than fight them.”

This was then followed by a question answer session, moderated by Shikhar Insurance CEO Mr. Dip Prakash Panday, with both speakers and the Chief-guest for the event, the Deputy Director of the Nepalese Insurance Board, Mr. Birodh Bhatta.The event was attended by various Nepalese surveyors and Shikhar Insurance senior management team, Claim department staffs and other Shikhar staff members.

“The Nepal Insurance board hopes that more such events happen in the future and are delighted that Shikhar Insurance has taken this first step.” States Chief-Guest Mr. Birodh Bhatta in his closing remark.