Temporary headquarters for Province 7 faces difficulty to manage road traffic


Kailali, Feb 23. Concern over traffic management is not new in the Kathmandu Valley. But, with the hustle and bustle of people from diverse sectors following the announcement headquarters for province-7, Dhangadi too has begun witnessing tough time to manage road traffic in the recent days.

With the country switching to a federal set up and in course of its implementation, province governments have been already established in seven provinces across the country.

Various ministries have been established near the Dhangadhi main market area and it has obviously increased movement of people and traffic flow. Presently, over 10,000 large and light vehicles ply on the Dhangadhi market area daily, posing a grave challenge for the traffic management.

District Police Traffic Office’s chief Deepak Patali said on the one hand, road are in sorry state and on the other, the traffic flow is increasing day by day, posing challenge.

Besides, encroachment on footpaths by carts and haphazard parking are other challenges for the traffic management in the town.

The Dhangadhi Bazar roads have no symbols for pavements nor traffic signals that are enough to creating traffic congestions.

The data of Transport Management Office’s shows the number of two-wheelers and three wheelers (motorcycles and scooters) has reached 700,000 in the Seti Zone while the number of cars, jeeps and vans is 5,900.

Moreover, the number of buses and trucks is 2,700, while there are 2,600 tempos and auto-rickshaws and 11,400 tractors registered in the zone.

Locals say auto-rickshaws have fueled the traffic management problems.

One Chetraj Pandeya of Dhangadhi Submetropolis-2 expressed his grudges over no concrete step yet for the traffic management here though nine months have been already elapsed since the formation of a local government.

Likewise, operation of vehicles without license has been another challenge for traffic management and safety in the town. The Dhangadhi folks want the District Traffic Office to come up with a new policy and plan instantly to cope with challenges in the traffic management.