Yamaha’s ‘Aamantran’ for New Year 2075


Kathmandu, 15 March. MAW Enterprises, the authorized distributor of Yamaha motorcycles and scooter in Nepal, has introduced its consumer scheme targeted to upcoming Nepali New Year 2075. In the scheme titled ‘Aamantran’ ie ‘Invitation’, the customers will a scratch book where they will get chance to win sure shot discount and up to 100 % cash back.

‘We brought this interesting scheme with hope to double the customer’s excitement in New Year celebration. We are pretty much sure that this scheme will add value to the customers delight’, Mr. Pradeep Pokharel, AGM- Marketing and Business Development, Yamaha Division said, ‘This time we came up not with a scratch card but a scratch book where you can win multiple prizes.’

There will be five leaves in scratch book and customers could win Rs 5,000 to 50,000 sure shot cash discount, gift to loved ones, gift to kid, gift from Yamaha service department and chance to get up to 100% cash back.  Customers could also win perfume or T-shirt or mountain flight for beloved ones, Baby helmet, water bottle or cup for kids and multiple free servicing as gift from service department.

‘We hope that this scheme will make new year celebration even larger. We want to assure that this is the great time to own Yamaha motorcycles and scooters as customers will get the best value for their money,’ Mr. Pokharel said.

Meanwhile, Yamaha as also started ‘Selfie Khichau Na’ contest where customers have to take selfie with background of ‘Aamantram’ and send to Facebook page of ‘#YEScooter’. The daily winners will get surprise gifts from Yamaha. Yamaha has also announced resale promise and free helmets in purchase of Yamaha scooters. This scheme has been strategically laid out from 1st Chaitra to 31st Baisakh.

In Nepalese market, Yamaha two-wheelers are available in various models targeting varied demography. MAW Enterprises has four variant scooters namely Fascino, Ray ZR, Ray Z and Alfa. We also deliver FZ-S FI, R15, SZRR, Saluto and R3 in Nepalese market. We have recently launched a 250 cc motorcycle ie Yamaha FZ25 ‘The Ultimate Street Fighter’. In short period of time, it has become the most sought motorcycle in the two-wheeler market.

Yamaha’s motorcycles and scooters are fitted with patented ‘BLUE CORE’ engines. FZ series and R series are equipped with Fuel Injection (FI) technology that not only enhances the performance of motorcycle but also lessens the fuel consumption, thus increasing the mileage.