Consumers cheated during Tihar

Galeshwar, Nov 10 . Consumers have been fleeced due to the lack of uniformity in the weight and measure and the price of commodities at shops that have been opened in bazaars in villages and towns targeting the Tihar festival in Myagdi district.

The consumers have complained that the traders were charging arbitrary prices for goods and commodities taking advantage of the festival shopping spree and they have no place to complain about this.

“Neither the shopkeepers have put up the price listat their stores nor are the government regulatory bodies conducting regular market monitoring,” complained Radha Poudel of Beni municipality-4, who was buying the things required for the Bhaitika festival at a shop in Beni Bazar. She said the consumers are at the mercy of the shopkeepers as they have to pay whatever price the shopkeeper pronounces.

Moreover, the consumers are also being cheated in the weights and measure as well as in terms of the quality of commodities they buy.

The shops in the bazaars at Beni, Galeshwar, Tatopani, Babiyachaur, Darbang and other places in the district do not have price list. The consumers are in confusion regarding the price of goods as there is no price list put up at the shops and they have to pay whatever the shopkeeper says while buying goods. There is discrepancy in the price of the same item from one shop to the next.

Some shops are also accused of selling substandard food commodities. Many shops are unregistered and even the grocery stores are found selling alcohol.