Govt. effortful to troubleshoot Melamchi hurdle’


Kathmandu, Dec. 19. The government has shared its restrained efforts to resolve the recent obstacles associated with the development of Melamchi Drinking Water Project.

The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation has said that officials have been holding consultations to complete the projects in the slated timeframe without disturbing the given deadline and the talks with the contractor company CMC were also in progress about the latest situation of the project.

Issuing a press statement on Tuesday, the Ministry said that officials of the ministry and the Melamchi Drinking Water Project have been holding talks by keeping different options open to complete the development of the project even through the current construction entrepreneurs.

Likewise, the ministry has said that it is ready to move the project ahead without affecting the deadline even in the context where the current construction company was not in the status to carry on the project works.

Construction works of the project should not be affected from the recent situations, the Ministry has said while appealing to all to not habour any doubts on the project but to offer constructive suggestions and motivation to the government.

It was reported that chief manager of the CMC, Christiano Cruso, and other team members had left the project site without prior information on Sunday evening.

Similarly, the Ministry has said that a request was made to the Ministry of Home Affairs to get information on Christiano and other representatives after they attempted to flee the country all of a sudden.

The construction works of the project is in the final stage with nearly 90 percent accomplishment, thanks to better performance in the last six months. Construction of the entire 27 kms tunnel and cementing the floors are already over, the Ministry said. RSS