Province No. 3 to implement Project Bank


Hetauda, Dec 24 . Chief Minister of Province No. 3 Dormani Poudel has reaffirmed that the Project Bank initiated by the province government would soon be forwarded into the implementation phase.

At a discussion programme held in Hetauda on Sunday at the office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Poudel said that process to bring into effect the Project Bank would be forwarded after incorporating the action plans of all seven ministries in his province.

Poudel shared that the idea of Project Bank was to streamline the development and other social projects that were arbitrarily announced and introduced in his province.

“The role of the Project Bank is immense in implementing the organizational plans rather than those floated in the personal interest of individuals or officials,” he said, adding, ” Since the plan and projects for this current fiscal year have already hit the floor, the provincial government is preparing to enforce Project Bank by next fiscal year.”

Project Bank’s Vice-President Dr Khim Lal Devkota said that the government has forwarded the implementation process of Project Bank, which would select the projects on the basis of social needs rather than on individual’s need.