Indian customs stops tankers

Banke, March 21. The Indian customs has stopped 140 tankers carrying petroleum products at the Rupaidiha customs, citing problem in online.

Customs officer at the Nepalgunj customs office Sharad Kumar KC said the Indian customs has also stopped more than a dozen trucks loaded with fruits and vegetables since two days.

According to him, although agreement has been made to allow the fruits and vegetables-laden trucks through paperwork, there was no possibility of petroleum tankers being allowed to enter Nepal until the online service was restored.

“We have been coordinating with the Indian Customs since Wednesday. We have the information that they have problem with the server and are mending it,” he said. KC added that the Indian Customs has been obstructing the fuel tankers and goods trucks at the transit point at various times ever since it switched to online system.

The Indian customs employees have stated that they have to take permission from the customs deputy commissioner for customs clearance of goods with invoice worth more than one million.

They said that there is problem to get permission from the deputy commissioner as the customs deputy commissioner’s office is situated in Lucknow. They argue that it takes time to prepare the papers for releasing the fuel tankers.

Chief of Nepal Oil Corporation’s fuel depot at Nepalgunj, Abhisekh Kumar Thakur said initiatives have been taken to bring the fuel tankers into Nepal. “We are continually making efforts to bring the tankers,” he reiterated.

According to him, NOC’s depot at Nepalgunj has diesel in reserve that will last for a week and petrol in store lasting for three days. It is said discussions on alternative ways of bringing the tankers into Nepal are also underway.