Big projects make big progress with message 

Kathmandu, April 19 . With the beginning of the Nepali New Year 2076 BS, progress in some big development projects has came as illustration that such projects gain a momentum setting multiple examples, if responsible bodies such as government agencies and construction companies fulfilled their assigned duties honestly.

The recent achievements in development activities came as answer to such voices claiming that there is no good thing happened in the country; only corruption prevails everywhere; the government has been a total failure and the prime minister and ministers just spread dreams and make tall claims.

Such achievements not only help consolidate peoples’ belief towards democracy, but also circulate the hope for better days and the faith on those in authority.

The latest progress on big physical infrastructure of strategic importance for economic development has given a message to the public that something new is happening in the country. The construction of a tunnel under the Bheri-Babai Multipurpose Diversion completed with the beginning of the Nepali New Year 2076 BS. The breakthrough of the tunnel construction works was made on April 16.

Similarly, the runway construction of Pokhara Regional International Airport got completed Wednesday. The Gautam Buddha International Airport project which was lingered in a long dispute has neared the final phase. Likewise, two sick projects of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) have been revived and are bound to power generation phase.

Lately, the government’s attention has been primarily focused on infrastructure development projects. The Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project, the ever-largest hydropower project at home so far has already recorded the total 98 percent physical progress. The mid-hill highway (Pushpa Lal Highway) began for easing transportation in hilly areas has gathered speed.

Some big projects have appeared as testimonies that a significant progress in the area of physical infrastructure construction is possible within a couple of years provided that there is ample political commitment, effective mobilization of government bodies and honesty on part of contractors, increasing public confidence that the nation is building and something new is happening in the country.

Tunnel-digging under Bheri-Babai diversion project has been completed one year before the deadline. Started in the fiscal year of 2068/69, the 12.210 kilometers long project aims to irrigate 51,000 hectares of land in Banke and Bardiya districts. Under the project, preparations were underway to build a 48 megawatts powerhouse, it has been said.

The project has also managed to draw the attention of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and make him happy. “The project has successfully concluded by using modern technology. It is a matter of happiness that it concluded before the deadline,” he said on an occasion.

Likewise, construction of airport apron at Pokhara International Airport is expediting, and it will be complete in the next 15 days, said Pradip Adhikari, project director under the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

Project Director Adhikari says: “The works have been carried out with full capacity. Fifty percent of the works have been completed in terms of project construction. We are really motivated.”

If the airport with a total estimated cost of Rs 22 billion is brought into operation within 2020, it would become an important part of the physical infrastructure construction sector of the country. This project is being constructed by the Chinese contractor company through the so-called ‘engineering, procurement and construction’ modality. There are indications that the project would be completed before the deadline.

Likewise, the construction of the Gautam Buddha International Airport is going on at a war footing. This airport is being constructed in Lumbini, the birthplace of Gutam Buddha, the ‘Light of Asia’. The fourth phase of the black-topping of the 3,000 meters long runway would be completed within the next 15 days. Project chief Prabesh Adhikari said works related to black topping the runway and construction of the terminal building, water tank, control tower are moving ahead at a fast pace.

The roof of the terminal building is left to be constructed. Construction of the arrival and departure sections of the terminal building and the administrative building are in the final stage of completion. Installation of electric wire and other works are in progress simultaneously. This airport project is on the way towards beoming the first among the national pride projects to be completed.

Similarly, works on another national pride project – the Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectricity Project – have been 98 percent complete. The Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation; the Nepal Electricity Authority and the Project have been working together to complete the remaining works of the project by preparing an action plan.

Energy Minister Barsha Man Pun said necessary arrangements have been made to complete the project within 11 April, 2020, as far as practicable.

More, the construction of 60-Megawatt Upper Trishuli III A project and the 14-Megawatt Kulekhani III Project, the NEA’s two ‘sick projects’, has been completed and these projects are in the phase of producing power.

The work progress of these and other projects has given the message that something is being done for the country’s development and prosperity.  RSS