Governments on high alert to respond to monsoon-related disasters   


Kathmandu, July 12 . The governments of all three levels, federal, state and local, and concerned authorities have been put on high alert with monsoon reaching its peak, according to the National Emergency Operation Centre under the Ministry of Home.

A total of 244 places have been identified as highly sensitive area to monsoon-induced disasters across the country, while preparedness has been adopted for on loss reduction, relief distribution and rescue in case of a disaster, said chief of the Centre Bednidhi Khanal.
The government has implemented the monsoon preparedness and response plan, 2076 in this regard, he added.

Rescue teams of Nepal Army, the police and Armed Police Force has been kept on standby in every area prone to monsoon-related disasters. Nepal Army has made available its rescue team alongside helicopters in Kathmandu, Surkhet and Itahari, said Khanal.

“The governments at the centre, state and local levels are all prepared for rescue and relief efforts in case of a disaster,” he said. According to the response plan, Home Ministry is required to do search, rescue and relief distribution efforts, while it will help local levels carry out other post disasters tasks.

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has further updated its system, making the pre-information dissemination system more effective. A system will be developed within the next few days to send alert notice through mobile SMS system if any danger is perceived. Presently, its system provides weather forest cast details of the next three days.
According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Department has identified 244 water shed areas vulnerable to water-induced disasters.

Several ministries have made necessary preparations for mitigating the disaster risk. The Nepal Army, Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force are on standby for disaster risk mitigation, rescue and relief efforts, if necessary. RSS


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