16 motorable bridges constructed from Beni to Mustang


BENI, DECEMBER 3: The pace of the construction of RCC bridges from Beni of Myagdi to Korala of Mustang has been accelerated. The infrastructure development is taking place under the Kaligandaki Corridor Road Project, a project of national pride.

So far, the Beni-Jomsom-Korala road section reports the construction of 16 motorable bridges, averting the condition for undertaking a perilous journey along rivers and rivulets. Public bus driver Bikash Bhandari said with the upgrading of the roadway, travel is becoming relatively less risky primarily during rains. “Driving during the rains was challenging. We witnessed the sweeping away of vehicles by rivers. Now the situation is improving.”

Project engineer Bishnu Chapagain said so far 16 bridges: 13 under the project and three by the Department of Roads have been built in Rahughat, Begkhola, Tiplyang, Pokharebagar, Dana, Luprakhola, Chhantangkhola, Letekhola, Lomanthang Khola, Kimling Khola, Namdok Khola, Bharmakhola, Syangkhola and Ghatkekhola in Myagdi and Mustang.

Likewise, eight bridges are under construction and it has been proposed to build other four bridges including in Rupse Falls. The 208-kilometer project that originates from Maldhunga of Parbat and concludes in Korala, the Nepal-China border in Mustang has been implemented for the past seven years.