Achievement of workers’ movement reaches new height: PM Oli

Kathmandu, May 1 . Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has asserted that the movements of workers waged over times have made significant achievements.

“Our blood and sweat has not wasted, but reached the achievements of workers’ movements to a new height,” PM Oli reiterated during a programme organized in the capital city on the occasion of the 130th International Workers’ Day on Wednesday. According to the PM, Nepal’s constitution has made a base of the concept of working class for country’s advancement.

The country is moving ahead with the thoughts of working class, he added, stressing, “Socialism, democracy and republic are its achievements. Government is clear that workers must not be meted out injustice.”

As the PM said, the workers’ organization has brought together all sides of diverse ideology. PM Oli, who is also the Chairman of Nepal Communist Party, took the time to further claim that present government, irrespective of criticisms, has done such works and made such achievements that were never made in country’s history.

“The jobless citizens are ensured 100 days’ employment, and if it is not possible, allowance is ensured. Currently, government, employers and workers have harmonious relations; we’re working in a united manner,” he argued.

On a different note, PM Oli wondered why some party withdrew support to government instead of being happy over its good works. Moreover, he reminded that unity in the past resulted in common struggles and achievements.

“Learning lesson from the workers’ unions, we move ahead for good governance and development. Favourable environment has been created for investment, separatism ended and country made headway to peace and stability,” PM Oli reiterated.