Actor and Model Chhiring Sherpa at the top of Mt. Everest

MAY 23: Actor and model Chhiring Sherpa has successfully climbed Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest). On Sunday (May 19), she reached the summit of the world’s highest peak and unfurled the first poster of her upcoming movie ‘Tashi Delek,’ alongside flags of various organizations.

After her ascent, Sherpa emphasized the importance of raising awareness about climate change’s impact on mountain regions at both national and international levels. She communicated her climbing success via social media, where she highlighted the necessity of investing a portion of the revenue from mountaineers into the development of mountainous areas.

In her social media message, Chhiring urged for greater integration of the Sherpa community into all state apparatus, rather than limiting their roles to mountaineering. She called on the state to prioritize geographically remote mountainous regions and to develop plans for their advancement.

Chhiring also advocated for the establishment of a mechanism to provide climbers with immediate access to information. Furthermore, she pointed out the challenges posed by the high number of climbers on Everest and stressed the need to manage this issue effectively. She called for efforts to make the climbing profession more decent and sustainable.

Through her climb and subsequent messages, Chhiring Sherpa has drawn attention to key issues affecting the mountainous regions and the Sherpa community, advocating for better development plans and sustainable practices in the mountaineering industry.