Bishal Bazar reports 68.19 % growth in net profit for 3rd quarter

Kathmandu, July-17 As per the unaudited report published on Ashad 31, the company has stated that its profit after tax to be  Rs 4.04 crore  which is Rs 2.40 crore  more than the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year 2070/71 which is  Rs68.19 percent increase in profit in the third quarter of the fiscal year 2071/72.

The company operational income  this year stood to be Rs5.53  which  is Rs 3.36 crore rise in comparison to previous year third quarter.

 Its sales income from rent and electricity grew to Rs 10.06 crore in Q3 up from Rs 8.55 crore in previous fiscal year quarter.

The paid up capital of the company is Rs 5 crore and the company reserve fund has Rs 24.39 crore.

 Bishal Bazar’s EPS stands at Rs 80.90, net worth per share at Rs 583.09, P/E ratio at 24.69 times.

Bishal Bazar Company Limited, one of the oldest supermarkets of the country.