British college- Access to students for future in Prominent Universities of Britain 

Arun Lal Joshi, Associate Dean, British College

Before engaging in the education sector Arun lal Joshi wanted to pursue his interest in computer programming.  But it was quite hard to teach about software in Nepal. But still he was adamant to pursue it.  As he had quite deep knowledge about the software, he decided to do business. In that time, the concept of software had just been evolving around the country.  He decided to jump in the education sector, when there was a beginning of a debate about copyright of the software. and he decided to spread the knowledge to the student. And he agreed to enter teaching offered by Pokhara University. Joshi’s journey in the education sector since 2002 has now finally landed in a new role as Associate Dean. Excerpt of the tete-a-tete with arthiknews by Arun lal Joshi. 

Despite the numbers of colleges, why did British College choose you?

I worked as a project manager in an Indian company after taught a while in Pokhara University. British College was opened in 2013. I have got an opportunity to teach as a part time teacher as it was affiliated to foreign college.  one of the most excellent faculties is British Education. I came from the University of Pokhara. Also I had come from the oldest Tribhuvan University, so I got more interested in the procedure and documentation of the teaching. I got fascinated as the work has been processed through project based work. I have been reached to the associate dean after starting a journey as a simple teacher.  The presence of students was very low in the beginning. Now, there are more than 800 students in computer and more than 2500 students in the aggregate number. Today, British College have been taking class of over all program, business management and bachelor of hospitality. 

The college has been known for practical based education, you have been continuously engaged in this sector. Did not you think our education system could have been changed, had it started 20 years back?

Still the education system has been generally based on the certificate system. However, some of the colleges have started to design the course in new method. There is compulsion to study bachelors and masters for 4 and 2 years respectively. This is the reason there is difficulty in producing quality manpower. if project based education was started 20 years back there would be a large number of quality manpower. Still the system 4 years’ bachelors and 2 years’ masters course have been the same. It would be easy to get a platform for them if they have had project based education. You must know the market if there is project based education. Hence, they would have developed skill to render service in market while pursuing their education simultaneously. I think all education system must be completely shifted to project based education.    

How easy is it in Nepal to pursue project based education in the way British Colleges have been practicing ?

Course in the British College have been based on British Education system. It is world level course. Students of the British College can compete with any students of the world level. The gist of the matter is education system of our college is based on education system of UK. It is actually an international education. If some have international level education, they will also get opportunities in our country accordingly. It would be a great achievement for Nepali students if only they get 5 % of British curriculum.

Has the international education system only reduced the exodus of the students or also has it pave the way to improve curriculum as well ? 

Our main goal is to provide global level education affordable in expenditure of Nepali. Large number of students have been departing abroad and millions of rupees along with them. The college has been providing a great contribution to the economy of Nepal.  

Our first aim is to reduce students who are departing abroad expending large amounts. We have created an environment to provide international education in low expense in Nepal. We have motivated the student to study in Nepal at low expense living along with family. Still students want to go abroad. The one of the main reason for this is a social pressure. 

Students studying abroad can get back what they have learned. What kind of education do we need to develop to match that level or at least can earn to raise a family? 

In Japan, they take their students in the field right from the school level. They let the students sow, produce and consume. Nepal should also have the same education system. Education in Nepal doesn’t match with our structure. we have developed the system of compulsion of the concept of completing bachelors, masters. Students cross 25 to 26 years while completing masters. There is compulsion for practical at a time and work at time as well.

So, how can we change this?

we have to provide education what we wanted them to be right from the beginning. Our education should be based on content. Should not be stuck to the exam. We have to teach ‘work is work’ to them from the school level. 

Software is the one of the main sources of foreing exchange in Nepal. At what level do we stand comparing to other countries?

It is difficult in Nepal to find the skilled manpower in this situation. We do not have manpower if there is demand from Microsoft. This is the real situation. There is a huge gap in academic and industry. There is an alternative to fulfill this gap. For this, there is a need for cooperation among the government , education sector and private sector. 

Multinational company would pick up the students from the universities. Do British colleges have such a vision ? 

It is good for students to build confidence at the level of choosing the company preferable to them rather than the company coming to students. Technology is the same all around. Whether it is in Nepal or America. The point is that there is a need for a platform to use technology. What is the point of learning if there is no platform ? He can fit anywhere if he completes a single project, and we have been teaching. 

Education is the most affected area during Corona. Is it the real method for this education or not?  

Education is an area of study as well as an area of learning. classes have been conducted through online class in closed doors. But it’s hard to learn life skills and social inclusion. It is useless if life skill is zero. It become hard even to introduce if you are learning in closed door. 

How has the impact of corona in British college?

We have been proudly doing our job throughout the corona period. We had started the classes just a few days after the outburst of Corona with the motto of ‘Continue education and excellence to the whole’ . The college managed the internet for those who had no access. We continued online class by managing the laptop for them. There is provision for one laptop and data pack. We are first to conduct the online exam and its result. More than 400 students have been graduated from here. That why they were able to apply quickly. 

What is the main benefit for the students of the British College?

All the methods of the college from the design of the course to the assessment of the course , it has the unique one. We are just a provider. He gets all privilege ones he gets into the college. our students get all facilities through online. If anyone wants to transfer, it will be easy. There is no need to repeat the same course. 

You have recently started the scheme to go to Britain after having completed education in the college. Can you brief on this?

We have more information as we have been affiliated to the University of Britain and our directors also have been graduates of Britain. Students are free to take decisions as we are only to provide information to them. In September 2020, UK university has approved the eligibility for BSW if the student is graduated from the British College solving the information issues. So, providing information is our main priority before the scheme of college.

What is the fee structure ?

We have been taking local costs. We are telling them to study at local cost then only go abroad for the period of two years. It will only deplete 50 percent. They can get good work for five year if they can develop good skills. They are focusing more on research based education. Now people have been understanding our initiation. They could not get in the beginning. Our aim is to study in a certain limit however delving it in depth. (Translated by Ajay Chhetri)