CAN announces remuneration of Rs 100 k for Grade ‘A’ male players

KATHMANDU, FEBRUARY 27: The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has decided to provide a monthly remuneration of Rs 100,000 to each of the male cricketers listed in Grade ‘A’.    A board meeting of the CAN Board held from February 24 to 26 took a decision to this effect.    National cricket team captain Rohit Kumar Paudel, Sompal Kami, Dipendra Singh Airee, Asif Sheikh and Kushal Bhurtel are listed as ‘A’ grade cricketers.

Similarly, CAN has announced a monthly remuneration of Rs 70,000 per month for each of the five players of Grade ‘B’ including Kushal Malla, Gulshan Jha, Bhim Sarki, Lalit Narayan Rajbanshi and Abhinash Bohora.

As per the board meeting, Binod Bhandari, Arjun Saud, Sundeep Jora and Pratish GC, who belong to ‘C’ grade, will get a monthly remuneration of Rs 55,000 each.
Similarly, Grade ‘D’ players, including Pawan Sarraf, Sagar Dhakal, Anil Shah, Bibek Kumar Yadav, Akash Chand, Basir Ahamad and Surya Tamang will be given Rs 35,000 each.
CAN also announced monthly remuneration of Rs 25,000 each to those players who fall under the category of emerging players which includes Dipesh Kandel, Rupesh Singh, Rijan Dhakal, Bipin Khatri, Dev Khanal, Arjun Gharti and Hemant Dhami.

The monthly remuneration for women cricketers of Grade ‘A’ has been fixed at Rs 50,000 per month each. The list of ‘A’ grade women cricketers includes Indu Berma, Rubina Chhetri and Sita Rana Magar.    The ‘B’ grade women cricketers who will get Rs 35,000 per month is Kabita Kunwar.

Puja Mahato and Ashmina Karmacharya, who fall under the category of Grade ‘C’, will get Rs 30,000 per month while Apsari Begam, Kabita KC, Sangita Rai, Kajol Shrestha and Bindu Rawal representing Grade ‘D’ are eligible to get Rs 25,000 each.

Similarly, the group of emerging women players comprising Soni Pakhrin, Khusi Dangol, Jyotsnika Marasini, Kanchan Shrestha, Shristi Jaisi, Samjhana Khadka and Sana Prabin will to get Rs 20,000 each per month.