CAN condemns Tik Tok ban

KATHMANDU, NOVEMBER 16: The Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) has opposed the recent decision of the government to ban Tik Tok. “The development and expansion of any ICT-enabled medium like Tik Tok also naturally come with serious challenges. So, it is simply wrong to prohibit the medium altogether by not trying to address such challenges,” the CAN argued.

“Rather than abruptly venturing into banning Tik Tok, the government should have taken the initiative to regulate its contents. That it did do the needful provides ample space to raise doubt over the very intention of the government.”

The CAN has demanded the concerned authorities nullify the ban it is bound to be highly unproductive and create more complications. It has also asked the government to come up with a comprehensive plan to control/ regulate all the social media platforms operating in the country. “We are more than willing to cooperate with the government in this regard,” states the CAN.