Chinese Communist Leader Visits Nepali Media and Promotes Bilateral Cooperation


Kathmandu, September 18. Zeng Yan, a distinguished member of the Yunnan Provincial Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), embarked on an official visit to Astha Publishing Co., Ltd. Her delegation, comprising nine members, arrived in Kathmandu on Monday, and today, they visited the Jan Aastha office at Jhamsikhel in Lalitpur to gain insights into the Nepali media landscape.

In a thoughtful exchange, leader Yan underscored the pivotal role that the media sector plays in nurturing strong people-to-people relations between Nepal and China. She emphasized the importance of journalists and media outlets from both nations collaborating on matters of mutual interest, commending the contributions made by the Nepal-China Media Forum and Jana Astha in this regard. Leader Yan expressed confidence that future collaborations, harnessing the potential of new media platforms, would further enhance the effectiveness of bilateral cooperation.

During the visit, the Chinese delegation, led by Yan, conducted an extensive inspection of the online newsroom, printing department, and studio facilities at Jana Astha. Kishore Shrestha, Chairman of Aastha Publication Pvt Ltd and also the Chairman of Nepal-China Media Forum, extended a warm welcome to the visiting team. In discussions regarding China’s contributions to Nepal’s economic development, Shrestha advocated for enhanced mutual cooperation to ensure that these benefits reach the people of both nations.

The visit received accolades and warm welcomes from various dignitaries, including General Secretary of the Forum and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Prachanda’s press adviser Govind Acharya, and veteran journalist Kamal Koirala. Leader Yan extended an invitation to Acharya to visit Yunnan, especially as he is scheduled to participate in the Prime Minister’s upcoming visit to China.

Yunnan, with its cultural diversity mirroring that of Nepal, is recognized as a key hub for China’s engagement with South Asian countries. China has designated Yunnan as a ‘South East, South West Contact Country,’ marking its substantial advancements in media, information, and technology.