Citizen Bank issuing 55% right share


Citizen Bank International limited (CZBIL) has been issuing its right shares on 10:5.5 ratios (55%), which means 5.5 shares for 10 shares. The decision was endorsed on its 9th general meeting.

The bank has started its issuance process to raise its paid up capital by 1 billion 79 crore, issuing 1 carore 79 lakh 18 thousand 1 hundred fifty three right shares.

Now, the bank’s total paid up capital is 3 billion 6 crore 52 lakh. Last year also it had distributed 20% bonus shares, and after completion of issuance process of right shares, this year the bank’s total paid up capital will reach NRs. 4 billion 77 crore.

The share holders till Jestha 24, can apply for the right share till Shrawan 9. The bank has assigned Global IME capital as an issue manager. So, share holders interested in applying for right shares can apply through any branch of Global IME and Citizen Bank International ltd.