Crimes down in Kathmandu during Tihar


Kathmandu, Nov 12 . The crime rate in the Kathmandu Valley, according to the Metropolitan Police Office, Kathmandu, was downward this Tihar festival compared to the last one.

The Office record showed that cases of burglary, gambling, fraud, kidnapping and suicide were less in comparison to Tihar period last year.

Office Chief and Deputy Inspector of General Police (DIG) Sailesh Thapa shared that altogether 673 persons were arrested for various criminal activities in the Valley during this period while cases registered against 86 arrested . Rest others, as DIG Thapa shared, were freed after reprimanding them.

Thapa evaluated, “Police discharged their duties as per the 82-point Home Administration Reform Plan and 10-point programmes of the Inspector General of Police which largely contributed to the decline in the cases of crime during this festival in comparison to the last year.”

Thapa shared that more than 7,000 security personnel were deployed in the Valley during the Dashain and Tihar festival to ensure safety and security to the people and to avoid untoward criminal activities.

Similarly, the Valley witnessed downward road accidents during the Tihar festival, said Durbar Marga Traffic Police Sector In-charge, Inspector Daya Krishna Bhatta.

Inspector Bhatta attributed the decreasing road accidents to effective enforcement of the traffic rules and strategic mobilization of the traffic police across the roads in the Valley.

Altogether 4,495 persons were booked for flouting traffic rules in the Valley during this period among which action were taken against 979 for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Moreover, a team of security personnel mobilized by the Crime Division and the Kathmandu Police confiscated firecrackers worth Rs 4 million from various places in the Valley and destroyed them, police said.


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