‘Cyber security preparedness rehearsal’ conducted

KATHMANDU, MAY 21: The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has conducted a ‘cyber security preparedness rehearsal’ with the objective of making cyber security more systematic. The rehearsal, named ‘National Cyber Deal-2024,’ was conducted to address how to react to or protect sensitive information technology infrastructures in case of any unwanted activities or attacks from anywhere, said the Ministry’s Joint Secretary and Cyber Security Section Chief, Raj Kumar Maharjan.

The two-day rehearsal was held at the Integrated Data Management Centre starting Monday. Representatives associated with the Information Technology Emergency Response Team, formed as per the provision of the National Information Technology Emergency Response Team Operation and Management Directives-2075, participated in the rehearsal.

Representatives from various concerned bodies, including the Finance Ministry, Home Ministry, Nepal Police, Nepali Army, Nepal Rastra Bank, and Nepal Telecommunications Authority, are part of the team.

On the first day of the event, theoretical classes were held, while on the second day, a practical session on cybersecurity equipment and a tabletop exercise was conducted.

“There are two objectives behind organizing this event. The first objective is that we should be prepared for any type of incident that might occur and know how to react to such incidents. The second objective is to coordinate among ministries regarding cyber security,” he emphasized.

The Cyber Security Section of the Ministry has been conducting training related to ‘cyber hygiene’ with the objective of raising awareness among the general public.

Around 3.5 billion US dollars were spent on cyber security worldwide in 2004, and this amount reached 64 billion US dollars in 2011 and 219 billion US dollars in 2023, according to estimates by the International Data Corporation.