Dahal vows to break syndicate in construction sector


Kathmandu, June 9 .Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Pushpa Kamal Dahal has pledged to dismantle syndicate in the construction sector. During his meeting with a delegation of small contractors today, Chairman Dahal urged contractors to stop indulging in the trend of delaying projects.

“The government is not in favour of discouraging the private sector”, he said, adding that but the trend of holding back projects by big contractors, depriving small ones of work opportunities has affected the development projects. “The government wants to go forward towards the journey for development and prosperity at a faster pace to address people’s aspirations”.

Current era, according to him, is the period of development, good governance and prosperity to which the government is fully committed. He again urged contractors to complete works as per the agreement.

On the occasion, contractors present complained about dominance of big contractors in the business. “All projects from east (Mechi) to West (Mahakali) are held by big contractors,” they apprised the leaders.

One of the members in the delegation said that only small contractors are getting pressure from the government to systematize the business which is in a mess due to big ones. They complained that big contractors have taken much benefits from the Public Procurement Act, depriving of small investors of job opportunities.