Decorative lights worth Rs 450 million imported for this Tihar

KATHMANDU, NOVEMBER 12: Electric decorative lights worth Rs 450 million have been imported targeting the ongoing festival of Tihar this year. Records with the Federation of Electrical Entrepreneurs of Nepal (FEEN) show that 85 percent of the total yearly transactions of such lights take place in Tihar alone.

A major portion of these products i.e. 80 percent is imported from China and the remaining from other countries like India, Bahrain, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.

In the first three months of the current fiscal year, decorative lights amounting to Rs 390 million were imported from the northern neighbour. Similarly, from the southern neighbour, such lights worth Rs 66 million were bought.

According to the FEEN, the total monetary value of decorative lights imported last year stood at Rs 400 million.