Dhakal asks Indian business community to invest in Nepal’s hydro, tourism

Kathmandu, Aug. 18 . Senior vice president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) Chandra Prasad Dhakal asked the visiting Indian business delegates to invest in Nepal’s hydropower and tourism infrastructure.

Addressing an interaction program between visiting delegates from Utkal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Unisa, India, and the Nepalese business community in the capital on Thursday, Dhakal, who is also the acting president of the FNCCI, asked the Indian business leaders to invest in Nepal’s hydropower, information technology, and tourism sectors.
He said that Nepal’s strategic location between the two growing economies provides it with ample market opportunity and the opportunity for investment.
“We are between two giants and emerging economies. Nepal has duty-free market access to India, China, EU, and partially in the USA,” he said adding,” Multinational companies here are making a good profit.”
Stating that Nepal and India shared special historical, cultural, and religious relations, he asked the Indian business community to expand and strengthen the business relation with the Nepalese business community as well.

“Let’s expand the business-to-business relations to a new height by starting a new level of collaboration from these visiting delegates,” he asked.

“There is huge potential of business linkages between Nepal and India. I am confident that today’s interaction between the visiting delegates and the Nepalese business community would materialize into tangible projects of business cooperation,” he said.

Dhakal said that Nepal was looking forward to further integrating trade and investment linkages with India, in order to integrate India’s supply and value chains, so that both the countries could benefit from each other.

“Nepalese private sector is eager, as ever, to be part of Indian economic revival and prosperity. Being part and parcel of its supply chain and value chain network, we are ready to strengthen our bilateral business relations and cooperation,” he said.