Dolma Group celebrate five years of investing in Nepal


Kathmandu, Sept 18. The Dolma Group held an event today to celebrate five years of investing in Nepal, the launch of Dolma Consulting, and the pioneering DFID-backed work of Dolma Himalayan Energy.

Dolma Impact Fund I (DIF) is celebrating five years of investing in Nepal. The only international private equity fund dedicated to Nepal, DIF has invested in two hydro projects, two solar projects, three technology companies and two healthcare companies, creating sustainable employment for over 5,000 Nepalis.

DIF is the private equity arm of the Dolma Group, founded by Prof. Tim Gocher. “DIF has pioneered the impact investment and private equity market in Nepal and is able to showcase the tremendous economic, social and environmental impacts of FDI on economic growth, productivity and employment generation in Nepal,” Prof Gocher said. “DIF has provided a credible track record of international private equity investment that we hope stimulates further much-needed FDI, and the knowledge transfer that comes with it, into the country.

To complement the Group’s expertise in successfully raising and investing FDI in Nepal, Dolma Consulting was formally launched today, headed by Managing Director Mr. Joseph Silvanus, former CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Nepal. “The private sector has reached a level of sophistication that demand for international capital is growing, from banks, corporates and infrastructure projects,” said Mr. Silvanus. “Dolma Consulting offers clients a full suite of services to enable them to raise and deploy international capital. We are the path for Nepal’s companies to raise international equity, debt, and blended finance to achieve their domestic and global goals.”

At the event, Dr. Sandip Shah, Managing Director of Dolma Himalayan Energy (DHE) highlighted the innovative and bespoke Peak Energy Management (PEMa) system that combines solar PV and Energy Storage System (ESS) to ensure an accessible and affordable supply of power to Nepal’s grid and its people. “Using these technologies, DHE will provide the same crucial service as hydro storage plants – dispatchable power in the dry season, including at peak hours. The big difference is that our plants can be constructed in one year – a fraction of the time required for hydro plants.

DHE can therefore rapidly reduce Nepal’s reliance on Indian electricity imports.” Dr. Shah shared findings from the DFID-backed Dolma Energy Publications “Lessons on how to promote and execute equity capital in the renewable energy sector of Nepal”, which reveals key recommendations for investors considering Nepal as an investment destination.

Dolma Group consists of Dolma Impact Fund – the first international private equity fund investing in Nepal, Dolma Himalayan Energy – a renewables developer building large scale solar + battery storage projects in Nepal, Dolma Consulting – advisory services to prepare institutions and projects for access to international capital, and Dolma Foundation – a non-profit organisation investing in remote education and ecotourism.


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