Dry season compels Nepal to import power from India


KATHMANDU, DECEMBER 10:  Nepal sold over 1.7 billion units of electricity worth Rs 15.4 billion to India during this year’s rainy season. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NTA) exported surplus electricity to India during the period between mid-May and mid-December, 2023.  A maximum of 700 megawatts of electricity was sold daily at the average rate of Rs 8.77 per unit.

Nevertheless, the NEA has stopped the export of power and, instead, started to import the same from Friday (December 8).   With the beginning of the dry season, the production of electricity is going down as a result of the decrease in the flow of the river waters. So, buying power from India is simply necessary to meet the demand for internal consumption.    It is said that the demand for power stands at a maximum of 1700 megawatts daily in the country.

According to the NEA, since the import of electricity during the peak hours (evening and morning ) is costlier, it will be purchased during the day and night (non-peak hours)

Anyway, the export of electricity is expected to resume from the third week of May next year.  In 2024, the Authority is planning to add 900 megawatts to the national transmission system. As such, the power worth Rs 25-30 billion will be exported in the coming year.

The NEA  is building large capacity lines intending to enhance the transmission network between Nepal and India along with hydropower projects. With this, the country may well earn Rs 1 billion by selling power annually within the next five years.