Ex-Maoist combatants’ camp to be developed as war tourism centre

Surkhet, Aug 26 . Chief Minister of the Karnali Province Mahendra Bahadur Shahi has announced to develop the Ex-Maoist combatants’ camp into the war tourism centre.

Chief Minister Shahi while visiting the camp at Dasharathpur in the district on Sunday said that the camp would be preserved and developed as the war tourism spots to lure more tourists. The camp was the Sixth Division Camp of the Ex-Maoist combatants. CM Shahi as the commander had led the division prior to army integration.

Visiting the camp, he shared that the researchers from Russia, the USA and other countries had visited the camp for their research adding that such historical camp should be preserved even for research purposes. He further opined for saving the infrastructures used by then rebellions after establishing the museum. RSS