Family of Gharti appeals for his release from Malaysian jail


Betrawati, Nov 8 . The family of a Nepali migrant worker, who is doing his time in a Malaysian jail, has urged the government of Nepal to do the needful to bring him back home.

Hari Bahadur Ghale of Basuntchet at Myaglung Rural Municipality-1 in Nuwakot district has been sentenced for additional 13 years and eight months on October 21, 2018.

34-year-old Ghale was convicted for his involvement in illegal trade of narcotic drugs some 15 years ago. He was arrested from a hotel for his involvement in smuggling of narcotic drugs on May 30, 2003.

The Malaysian court had given a verdict for capital punishment initially but later reconsidered the verdict for 20-years of imprisonment.

Ghale’s sister, Sarala Ghale, told , “The Nepali Embassy had made an appeal against the Malaysian High Court’s verdict of capital punishment within 35 days of pronouncement of verdict for my brother which had been heeded by the Malaysian King.”

She added, “The Malaysian court has recently added an additional 13 years and eight months of imprisonment for my brother. We would like to urge the government of Nepal to coordinate efforts for exemption of punishment.”

Police had raided the hotel where Ghale was staying and found a bag stashed with drugs. A fellow Nepali man named Ganesh Tamang had handed over the bag to Ghale and has been absconding there after.

Police arrested Ghale and filed a case against him at the Malaysian court in which he was found guilty.

Since his imprisonment, Ghale’s father Megh Bahadur, mother Jamurani, sister Meena Kumari and grandfather Dhan Bahadur Ghale have died.

“The one after another death of the family members coupled by the elongated imprisonment of my brother in Malaysian jail has wreaked a havoc in my family,” said Sarala in sobs.

Ghale’s spouse has also got married with another man leaving behind her an infant daughter, Jharana Ghale, at her husband’s house after her husband was jailed. Jharana currently studies in Bachelors staying in her mother’s natal home inTrishuli.
Jharana shared, “I have no idea what my father would look like and have never got a chance to meet him. I am hopeful of the return of my father from Malaysian jail. “


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