Fishing banned in Thuligad river   

Doti, Dec 22 .  Fishing has been banned in the Thuligad river, located in the south of the district. The Badikedar and Joyaral rural municipalities took this decision in order to preserve aquatic bio-diversity.

The municipalities are working together to preserve and conserve bio-diversity through the Aquatic Life Protection Act. Furthermore, use of explosive, power and poison to fish in the rivers have also been banned, said Joyaral rural municipality Chair Durga Dutta Ojha.

Both the rural municipalities have also formed Aquatic life protection groups to protect the Thuligad watershed area. The groups have been given the responsibility of protecting the river and the fishes, said Badikedar rural municipality chair Krishna Bahadur Chand.

Along with the Act, policies and procedures have also been developed which has increased the active participation of the locals in the protection of environment and bio-diversity.