Four members of family die in fire


Bhadrapur, Nov 26 . Four persons of a same family from Laljhoda of Shivasatakshi municipality-7 in Jhapa district died in a fire that broke out at home last night.

The victims were Laxman Khanal, 35, Radhika Khanal, 30, Chandra Khanal, 4, and infant Tikaram Khanal, said police chief in the district, SP Bhim Prasad Dhakal, adding that the preliminary investigation found the fire broken out with the blast of gas cylinder engulfed the family members while sleeping.

The cooking gas cylinder might have been blasted after the family slept with evening meal, police guessed.

Moreover, neighbour Gita Dhungel, 37, has been severely injured in the fire. She has been taken to Nobel Hospital of Biratnagar for the treatment. The family had the wooden house. The fire has been brought under control with the use of fire engine, according to police.