People having health insurance to bear 20 percent of treatment cost


KATHMANDU, APRIL 14:The Health Insurance Board has informed that those covered by health insurance will be responsible for bearing 20 percent cost on their own while receiving treatment at private and community hospitals.

Executive Director of the Board, Dr Damodar Basaula, informed that such people would bear 20 percent of the total expense incurred in the treatment from today. This new provision would discourage the insured from undergoing nonessential health tests. Only sick and insured ones would benefit from it, according to him.

Earlier, health-insured people were liable to bear 10 percent of spending on treatment at community hospitals and 20 per cent of the spending at private hospitals. Executive Director Dr Basaula, however, informed that the health insurance scheme would not be enforced in the basic hospitals of 15 beds.

The co-sharing of the treatment cost will be effective in federal and provincial hospitals, private and community hospitals, and medical colleges where specialist service is available. A total of 77,41,483 people have joined the insurance scheme. Among them, 3.6 million are receiving benefits, while the number of those yet to renew the facility is 4.8 million.