Himalayan Distillery unveils Silver Oak


KATHMANDU, DECEMBER 28: Himalayan Distillery Limited (HDL) launched its new white spirit product in the market, Silver Oak. This represents an extension of the company’s existing Oak family.

Niraj Subedi, CEO of HDL, expressed excitement about the new product by saying, ” Silver Oak is a blend that undergoes twelve-column distillation for high-class purity, ensuring a smooth texture that enhances the drinking experience.”

One can now find 750 ml, 375 ml, and 180 ml of Silver Oak bottles at nearby stores in selected areas.

“At HDL, we prioritize consumer-centric innovation, continuously researching market dynamics to gain new insights. Introducing Silver Oak in a new segment reflects our commitment to innovation.

Apart from the new product launched yesterday, Himalayan Distillery is catering to the Nepalese market with its other offerings, including brands like Golden Oak, Black Oak, and Blue Oak.

“Each Oak brand caters to distinct consumer segments, which have been highly valued among its consumers,” claims Subedi.