Holi greetings exchange in Tarai


Rupandehi, March 21 . The festival of colour, Holi, is being celebrated in the Tarai districts including Rupandehi exchanging greetings, happiness and harmony today.

Various organizations organized programmes here this morning to exchange greetings on this occasion. Federation of Nepali Journalists district chapter gathered journalists and well wishers to share the message of happiness and harmony.

Different colours are used in Holi. The revelers smear the colours on each others’ faces exuding jubilation. Yellow is the favourite colour of the Lord Bishnu and Lord Shree Krishna, while blue is taken as the symbol of holy war. Similarly, it is believed that Lord Ganesh loves all kinds of colours and the red one is symbol of power and good fortune.

Holi is given high importance in the southern plains- Tarai- of the country. It is observed as victory of justice over injustice.