Indian customs clears barrier to Nepali tea after five days


APRIL 24: The Indian customs cleared the barrier to Nepali tea after five days. Seventeen trucks laden with tea, that had been stuck along the Kakadbhitta checkpoint, entered the Indian customs point of Panitanki, West Bengal, yesterday. This was informed by the Chief of Mechi Customs Office, Ram Prasad Regmi. “There is no obstruction for Nepali tea from the Indian customs office anymore,” he added.

The Indian officials had said they had barred the entry after the direction from the central level and later lifted it accordingly. The Indian side had said a new provision for quality tests was put in place, while the Nepali side responded that it was impractical to conduct quality tests for each load and requested for pass as per the previous provision. Finally, India agreed to act in response to Nepal’s request, thereby facilitating the tea trade.

As per the previous provision, a report of test passes for tea quality could be effective for 15 days. CTC and orthodox tea produced in Nepal are being exported to India, which is 90 per cent market of this product.